The heart is the universal symbol of love. All natural stones have their own energy and healing power.

Rose quartz is the stones of pure and unconditional love. It opens your heart so that love can flow and you can hear the message of your heart. It helps you to relax and let go of mind and gives you the confidence to always follow your heart in your life.  Let love flow into your daily life, in acquaintances on the street, at your work, among friends, in giving and sharing. To live from your heart is the magical language we all understand. We are all one and connected through love! Carry this heart with you all the time so you remember and you can always pass it on to somebody else, so that every heart makes its own journey around the world and inspires people everywhere to follow their heart and live from love.

Unconditional love
Stones in Love symbolise the gift of pure and unconditional love, the energy that always exists. Love for yourself and gratitude for everything around you.  Rose quartz opens your heart so love can flow and you can heart the message of your heart. We all carry a gift to the world inside and the essence of this gift is always love. Follow your heart, pass it on and let love travel around the world!