Let love travel around the world!

It is time for something new. At present, our world is going through rough and challenging times. Presumed certainties are dissappearing, uncertainty is prevailing and politicians have no real solution to offer. The only, true certainty is the one we find in ourselves: Love.
The choice for love is the most logical next step for human kind and offers a wonderful opportunity and positive message. Let love flow into your daily life, in acquaintances on the street, at your work, among friends, in giving and sharing. To live from your heart is the magical language we all understand. In love we are home. We are all one and connected through love!

Pure and unconditional Love

Stones in Love symbolises the gift of pure and unconditional love through rosequartz hearts. Lovely, little hearts to give and pass on offering everyone the opportunity to be part of the positive change we wish to see for the world. Let each heart make its own love journey over the world ! Follow your heart, dive into the ocean of love and join us to begin this wonderful love affair.